Live on Testnet!

3 min readJun 3, 2022


We have been working hard to bring VaultSwap to market and are proud to share that we are opening our Testnet deployment up for public use.

We will be gathering feedback and cleaning up the few remaining tweaks as we finalize our Mainnet launch very soon.

This article covers the process of getting some test assets on the Kovan Testnet as well as how to trade.

Get test Ether on Kovan

The first step is to switch Metamask to the Kovan network.

Be sure to select “Show test networks”

Once the Kovan network has been selected, you can head over to the Chainlink Faucet.

By connecting MetaMask to the Faucet, your wallet address should automatically populate — if it doesn’t, you can enter it manually.

After sending the request, the faucet will automatically deposit the test tokens into your account.

Get Test NFTs

We created our own NFT Faucet on the Kovan Network — you can mint several “Not” collections from this site. Simply connect and then click the Mint button on the collection(s) you wish to mint from.

Making Your First Trade

Now that you have a few test assets you can head over to our Kovan trade platform and connect your wallet.

Trading is done in 3 simple steps:

  1. Select The Assets You Want To Trade
Select The Assets You Want to Trade

2. Enter Your Trade Partner Wallet And Select What You Want

Select The Assets You Want to Receive

3. Review The Trade and Sign Transaction(s)

Review and Approve the Trade
Set the required Approvals and Finalize the Transaction

Note that there might be one or more Approvals required for the NFTs and Tokens that you selected. The application will walk you through each of them.

Congratulations! Your half of the trade is completed. Now you notify your trade partner to head over to the site to review and accept the trade.

Note: We do not allow deep-linking to trades for security reasons. You will always start at My Trades in the VaultSwap application.




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