Live on Mainnet! Vaultswap V1

2 min readJul 19, 2022


V1 of Vaultswap is now live on Mainnet!

Today, you can safely swap NFTs and Tokens from over 2,000 verified projects with other traders on Vaultswap!

Along with a clean and intuitive user interface, we are thrilled to ship three novel security-centric features that make NFT trading a safer experience.

Trade Inbox

In NFT trading, fraudulent hyperlinks are the leading cause of stolen NFTs. To bypass this vulnerability, we chose to circumvent the need for hyperlinks altogether and created the Trade Inbox. The Trade Inbox is your NFT trading home base where all your incoming and outgoing trade requests are managed, reviewed, canceled, and executed. Each pending trade includes Trade IDs, and Etherscan transaction links to inform you of every step in the NFT Trading Process. RIP Trade Hyperlinks!

Verified Collections Only

Advanced spoofing techniques can unknowingly mislead collectors to buy or trade for fraudulent NFTs. In response, Vaultswap has limited trading to 2,500 reputable NFT projects and 20 ERC-20 Tokens to assure you that all assets available to trade are legitimate. This list will evolve and expand as we onboard other reputable NFT projects and tokens.

See a project that isn’t verified and should be? Let us know!

New to NFT trading and want more info on how it works? Learn how to make your first NFT Trade here.

Signature Wizard

Signing Ethereum transactions is an overwhelming and sometimes frightening task; we don’t think it should be. The Vaultswap Signature Wizard is our answer to the dreaded wallet signature. It will guide you through the transaction signature process, informing you of what and why you sign when sending or accepting a trade. A little knowledge goes a long way.

V1 is the very beginning; Over the coming months and years, we will steadily ship platform enhancements and introduce new features that help you make safe and informed NFT trades.


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