How to Trade an NFT with Vaultswap

Jul 19, 2022


Navigate to and connect your wallet holding the assets you plan on trading.

Once connected, follow these three easy steps:

  1. Select the assets you want to trade
Vaultswap allows you to trade NFTs and Tokens from over 2,000 NFT Collections.

2. Enter your trade partners wallet address and select the assets you want

3. Review and sign transactions(s)

There will be one or multiple Approvals required to finalize your trade request. Vaultswap’s Trade Wizard will guide you through each Approval and inform you of the purpose of each signature you provide.

Today you can safely swap NFTs and Tokens from over 2,000 verified projects with other traders on Vaultswap.

PS: Try Vaultswap and our NFT Faucet on the Kovan Testnet




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